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Latest: Behind the Scenes Swinging London Style

Numero Fashion and Beauty Swinging London Billy Kidd, Charles Varene Nicolas Jurnjack

Seventies rebel-chic styles — attitude and fun.

Feathered and Afro, or long slightly unkempt locks usually come to mind for iconic seventies looks.  But there was always a hint of the twenties in the shorter lengths of that time.  We decided to go for a small head of hair instead of the big, bold seventies looks — and add a touch of rebel-chic … 

Seventies swinging london hairstyles. Small heads of hair and a touch of rebel-chic. Styled hair bangs to add the attitude and style. Numero Magazine 2015


→ more behind the scenes and the look 

Models: Kid Plotnikova @ WOMEN, Mina Cvetkovic @ WOMEN,  Morta Kontrimaite @ IMG
Photographer: Billy Kidd;  Stylist: Charles Varenne;  Hair Stylist: Nicolas Jurnjack;  Makeup Artist: Fredrik Stambro;  Manicurist:  Olya Titova

NUMÉRO #160 Swinging London 70′s Hairstyles

January 27, 2015 |

We shot this story on a snowy, grey day just before the holidays. The amazing colors and the models who were all super sweet and cool added a much needed boost of sunshine.

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VOGUE CHINA w/ Aline Weber 70s Revival

January 4, 2015 |

On location in Paris in a beautiful house near the river. It’s the very end of the season but it still feels like full summer. Everyone is happy and smiling on this beautiful sunny day.

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December 21, 2014 | | 2 Comments

Back to the 60s for this story with legendary photographer Ellen von Unwerth. The watch word was the Sixties: jet-set – glam – unbridled fun – casino’s – champagne – cigars.

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November 20, 2014 | | 6 Comments

David’s idea was exotic flowers – an artistic interpretation. Inspired by organic forms – tropical plants, I envisioned a hairstyle of enormous golden-blonde hair petals and leaves with the model as beautiful centre of the flower.

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HARPER’S BAZAAR w/ Adriana Lima

November 17, 2014 |

Shot at Pier 59 in NYC. I’ve worked on quite a few shoots with Adriana Lima over the last 10 years and she is super cool. The idea for the story was to create spontaneous, free flowing, sexy hairstyles.

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VOGUE CHINA 服饰与美容 w/ Sui He

September 11, 2014 |

The idea behind this Vogue China editorial editorial was to transform Sui He into a young French woman of the 80s, artistic, a touch eccentric, sexy, a “BoBo” Bourgeois Bohemian.

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VOGUE ITALIA video w/ Léa Seydoux

September 9, 2014 |

The look for Léa Seydoux was natural chic with an emphasis on hair texture. The idea was for the hairstyle to appear as if it had been put together in a few seconds upon waking up, ready for a comfortable day at home.

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NUMÉRO w/ Tao Okamoto – Grungy-Glam, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hair

September 9, 2014 |

The style was Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly, grungy-glam, un-done – up-do chic. We shot in Brooklyn on a very hot day in an old industrial area. Tao is a fantastic model to work with.

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