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Nicolas Jurnjack Fashion & Beauty Industry Hairstylist Biography -

Tease it.  Curl it.
  Straighten it.

Make it shine, make it bounce.

Shellac it with spray into a virtual sculpture. Hair is what you make it – and Nicolas Jurnjack has made it all.

Styles may change, but what he brings is more than style – it’s art. In the high fashion hair game for more than 20 years, Nicolas Jurnjack has had his hands on all the great manes that have graced the pages of the world’s most well-known fashion magazines.

Born in Marseille in the South of France, Nicolas Jurnjack landed his first styling opportunity – with French ELLE no less, which ignited a passion to learn, and launched an extensive career. Jurnjack relocated to a tiny basement flat in Paris and surrounded himself with magazine clippings and plastic heads. (A striking visual, no?). The result of all this private work was a vision and style that was uniquely his own.

Talent like this is not for 2D alone. Designers have put their runway models’ heads in Nicolas Jurnjack’s hands. The freedom of working for such stunning talent gave Jurnjack the platform for some of his most iconic and memorable looks: from hair styled into bird cages, to abstract expressionism for a McQueen show It’s a Jungle Out There, to the elaborate- minimalism of Japanese Geisha hair for Givenchy’s Eclect Dissect. These looks and more for Prêt-à-Porter and Haute Couture lines have been broadcast around the world during Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, New York, Tokyo, London, Sao Paulo and Berlin. His work has been internationally recognized, nominated and awarded many prizes. Hell! his work has been hung in the Louvre Museum for the International Festival of Fashion.

And now? Talent like this is no longer for the elite alone. Two decades of experience at the top of his profession have given Jurnjack the desire to share his knowledge and expertise with a wider audience. Hair By Nicolas Jurnjack  is the answer to that calling – a destination for top quality hair tutorials, and all things related. From the very start, he’s had a passion for this work – and as his career has proven, when Jurnjack has a passion, there’s no stopping him.

Words by Stef Weiss

Nicolas Jurnjack Portfolio