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VOGUE ITALIA with Elisa Sednaoui "Urban Glam" -

VOGUE ITALIA with Elisa Sednaoui  “Urban Glam”

It was super cold day in mid-town Manhattan for this Vogue Italia story with Elisa Sednaoui. We were wearing hats, gloves and blankets and gulping down hot tea and coffee to stay warm.

Elisa Sednaoui Vogue Italia Suggestions Spider Woman Photo: Stephane Sednaoui, Hair Stylist: Nicolas Jurnjack

In this deep freeze Eliza was wearing summer clothes !  But as always she was super professional and great fun to be around, she just got on with it with her characteristic big smile and super great mood all day.

The idea for this black and white story was Spider Woman.  We decided to keep Eliza’s hair long and loose for a true Spider Woman look. I added a touch of darkness at the roots for an ombre style.

I used a washable black hair spray for the color at the top, and blow dryed it thoroughly adding only a touch of Farouk Serum .  From here on the styling was done mainly with my mini paddle brush  - Eliza was often half way up a wall or lamp-post in true “spider-woman” fashion for each shot.

Backstage Urban Glam with Elisa Sednaoui

  VOGUE ITALIA fashion story with Elisa Sednaoui March 2011

Photographer: Stéphane Sednaoui; Model; Elisa Sednaoui; Fashion Editor: Victoria Bartlett; Hair: Nicolas Jurnjack; Make-up Artist: Maki Ryoke; Manicurist: Kristina Kinarski; Set Designer: Jerry Schwartz; Producer: Audrey Lefevre for Tagada Studio; Creative Producer: Catherine Bruneflod for Lola Studio;  Production Coordinator: Jessica Passoff; Director of Photography: Michel Nafziger – see video for more credits.

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