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FRENCH ELLE w/ Amanda Smith Jewelry Special, Creative Hair -

FRENCH ELLE w/ Amanda Smith Jewelry Special, Creative Hair

The location for this shoot is at Salon Massato in Paris. It’s a jewelry special editorial for French Elle.  A women walks into a hair salon …  A fun, light-hearted story line with beauty and taste as its guide.

Massato Beauty Salon Hair care products ELLE behind the scenes

Amanda our model, arrives fresh, full of energy and smiles from Los Angeles. She has beautiful hair,  a coppery red color with a great natural texture.

French Elle - ELLE France behind the scenes long copper red hair styles

A woman goes into a hair salon …

copper red hair styles behind the scenes

Glamorous hair, red carpet hair, beehive, bouffant, hair up, hair down, hair here, hair there, accessorized hair, creative hair, glossy hair, shiny hair, statement hair, natural texture, flowing tresses – each style with a silent commentary of looks from our model Amanda Smith playing the bemused client.

Hair rollers hairstyle creative hair making of for Elle France Amanda Smith fashion model and Nicolas Jurnjack hairstylist behind the scenes


 It was a great day, a great team. Steve Hiett, a photography legend who knows how to coax out the best, Elizabeth Akessoul, the fashion editor/stylist for the shoot who was up with the humor but always with beauty and taste as the defining order as with Tatsu Yamanaka our makeup artist.

Massato, hair maestro and owner of the Salon dropped in to say “Bonjour” and entered into the spirit of this very creative shoot.

Hairstyles making of behind the scenes for Elle France with Nicolas Jurnjack and Amanda Smith

Products and how to:

Massato Haircare Products behind the scenes French Elle


  • I dampened the hair using a water spray

  • Released all knots and tangles using a wide toothed comb.

  • I used several Massato haircare products for the various styles.

  • Hair Cream as a leave in conditioner to help with an easy blow dry and Volume Spray for a thick texture with an airy lightness.

  • To blow dry, I used a medium round brush, gently stroking, coaxing out the hair’s natural form and texture.

  • For maximum shine and a silky feel:  Shining Silk Protein

  • And, for a style that needed to be ‘fixed’ a little more I used a styling spray for hold.

  • For the golden ‘hair accessories’ I rested on an old fashioned ringlet, papillote or paper curl technique using gold paper and shaping it into  ’accessories’  -  using the interim step as style.

Credits: Model: Amanda Smith, Photography: Steve Heitt, Fashion Editor/Stylist: Elizabeth Akessoul,  Hair Stylist: Nicolas Jurnjack, Hair Assistant: Celine de Cruz, Makeup Artist: Tatsu Yamanaka, Manicure: Christina Conrad.

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