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FACE/Project Behind The Scenes Making Of -

FACE/Project  Behind The Scenes Making Of

This project was fascinating, it was spread out over a year and shot in New York, London and Paris. The finished works culminated in the exhibition “FACE/Project” at CameraWork, a prestigious Art Gallery in Berlin.

Top models from all over the world were the subjects for these artworks.  Each model’s character was explored and developed into a visual that would reflect an essence of the model, photographed by Michelangelo di Battista with painting and illustrations by Artist Tina Berning.

Camera work Berlin behind the scenes of FACE/Project Fashion meets Art Hair Inspiration

The approach was different from fashion industry shoots where characters and illusions are created for an end result that has an entirely different purpose.

This time I was asked to research and create hairstyles that conveyed the personality of the model, or an aspect of it.

I had worked with many of the models on fashion shoots, so now in a reversal of what is usual for my work in fashion  I came up with the hair inspiration and ideas to create styles for the person I knew behind-the-scenes not the character who appears in front-of-the-scenes in a fashion story. It  was a very interesting creative process, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Images from exhibition Camera Work Face project Berlin hair inspiration

 We worked with 50 or so models throughout the years. To maintain homogeneity for the hair texture, even though the finished styles were very different, I decided to create all the looks using the same 5 hair products that I had in my hair kit on the first day we shot:  Leave-in Conditioner,  Volume & Body Mousse,  Serum Spray,  Hairspray and a  Hair Plumper.

FACE/Project, CameraWork,  Berlin

Partial list of Models: Anja Rubik, Eniko Mihalik, Mirte Maas, Natasha Poly, Julia Stegner, Hanna Holman, Heidi Mount, Liya Kebede, Constance Jablonski … ;   Photographer : Michelangelo di Battista;  Artist : Tina Berning;   Hair  Stylist: Nicolas Jurnjack;   Partial list of Stylists: Sissy Vian,  Alice Gentilucci,  Aleksandra Woroniecka ;   Michelangelo di Battista Assistants: Lydia Gorges, Maya Zardi;  PR: Jozo Juric

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