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Invité Spécial: Oeuvres D'Art - Hair Sculptures -

Invité Spécial: Oeuvres D’Art – Hair Sculptures

An Invitation from Coiffure de Paris gave me carte blanche to push the boundaries of creativity and explore possibilities of hair, hairstyles. Oscar Niemeyer’s architecture in Brasilia was source of my inspiration.

With Niemeyer’s buildings in mind, I created these hairstyles, hair sculptures, hair art to celebrate architectural style : arches, bridges, cathedrals, vertical and horizontal lines, planes of perspective, volume and empty space – and importantly to have fun with the creative process, the adventure, to see what I could discover and where I could go with it.

Hair inspiration Nicolas jurnjack for Coiffure de Paris. Hair inspiration Nicolas jurnjack hair sculpture inspired by Oscar Niemeyer Brazilian Architect

I love playing with hair volume and balance and now I worked in an enormous amount of empty space to translate my inspiration, my passion — into hairstyles that defy gravity, hairstyles that sweep and curve, that are feminine, natural in their elegance and minimal in their design.

I focused on the many different angles and perspectives, how the lines flow and always wherever you stand, wherever you look from –  the balance, the purity.  Purity was the global signature I wanted to use to tie all the different hairstyles together.


Nicolas Jurnjack Hair Invitation specials inspiration hairstyle architectural

To create the look I used long fine pieces of hair that I brushed well before mounting on a support.

I then covered the pieces with a thick layer of gel and let them dry for a few hours until hard. I repeated this process for some pieces to ensure that the end result would be solid and balanced and comfortable when worn.

I used extra long, thick, bobby pins to join the pieces into different arrangements to create the finished shape for each look.

Hair Sculpture, Hair Art Hair Style Nicolas Jurnjack Hair Stylist


I had drawn illustrations of how I envisioned each piece but I allowed myself to be guided by feeling and inspiration to marry all the elements — the intention, the model, the style — into a coherent whole.




→ 8 Styles click here to see the published images and story

→ See the detailed Step-by-Step Process here:

Concept, Illustrations, Hairstyles : Nicolas Jurnjack
Model: Dana Thompson
Photography: Fabrice Laroche
Make up: Lily Choi
Nicolas Jurnjack  hair sculptures, hair art inspired by Oscar Niemeyer Architecture in Brasilia.

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