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Nicolas Jurnjack Concept Direction Hair Simonetta Vespucci Hairstyle - for Project Hair Exhibition at Chateau Adhemar France Culture Museums.

Exposition at Chateau Adhémar.
La Donna Vespucci for Project Hair by Nicolas Jurnjack. “I wanted to revive this stunning hairstyle, to recreate the beauty and majesty. Concept, Direction, Hair: Nicolas Jurnjack, Photography: Isabelle Chapuis, Make-Up: Anthony Preel, Styling: Siwha Lee, Model: Alexandra Jansen

Vogue Australia Contributors October 1st 2015 Nicolas Jurnjack, Greg Kadel, Mariel Barrera, Nathaniel Goldberg, Julia Frank


Evening Standard UK Beauty ph: simon emmett,  hair: Nicolas Jurnjack, makeup kay montano,  styling jenny kennedy, model millie simmonds

Evening Standard Magazine: Maximalism is back. Gigi is out partying in vampy lipstick, Taylor’s come over all Courtney Love, and Elizabeth Olsen is giving it the full Hollywood siren on the red carpet by Katie Service
Model: Mollie Simmonds, Photo: Simon Emmett, Styling: Jenny Kennedy, Hair Stylist: Nicolas Jurnjack, Makeup: Kay Montano.

Echos coiffure online article about Nicolas Jurnjack Hairstylist fashion & Beauty Industry

ECHOScoiffure: Ce marseillais d’origine a sublimé depuis plus de 20 ans, les chevelures les plus prestigieuses des mannequins comme des célébrités qui ont orné les pages des magazines de mode. Sur Hair by Nicolas Jurnjack présente des tutos d’environ une demi heure, de la 1ère étape à la touche ultime sans oublier la liste des outils nécessaires au tutoriel. Un panorama de coupes variées : du look star red carpet à la coupe courte au rasoir en passant par les boucles de plage ou la coloration pink. Chaque tuto indique le niveau de difficulté requis et se traduit en quatre langue.  Simple, structuré et efficace !
A découvrir sur : HairbyNicolasJurnjack en Français

Nicolas Jurnjack News Conversation with Oribe Hair Care hairstylist Nicolas Jurnjack shares his thoughts on career, advice, mastering hairstyling. Nicolas Jurnjack in the press

Oribe: A Conversation with Nicolas Jurnjack
Nicolas Jurnjack shares his thoughts on career, advice, mastering hairstyling.
What’s your goal with your body of work?
I always want to do something that surprises (and is surprising to me in the process), it can range from the extremely subtle to the intensely dramatic, something that can inspire people. I want them to look at it and say, “wow!” The possibilities are endless.

Hair by Nicolas Jurnjack news  tutorials chic undo red carpet  oscar night hair step by step tutorial

Hair by Nicolas Jurnjack includes a library of video hair tutorials, a comprehensive guide to hair tools and how to use them and Project Hair; a section devoted to hair inspirations. With red-carpet season upon us and high-glamour in demand, check out the video tutorial


CREATIVE HEAD: Internationally renowned session stylist Nicolas Jurnjack has launched a brand new education website. Covering everything from the right tools to use for a bouncy blow dry, to colouring tips for the seasoned stylist, acts as an inspiration and learning hub for hairdressers (and home enthusiasts) of all abilities.

Alexander McQueen Telegraph Fashion UK Katy England Nicolas Jurnjack Topolino Dana Thomas. Nicolas Jurnjack News  in the press

Telegraph Fashion: Alexander McQueen: the fashion show that made his name.
His 1997 show It’s A Jungle Out There caused a sensation. In an exclusive extract from her new book, Dana Thomas, relives the drama, the divas and the extraordinary clothes.”It’s A Jungle Out There” Show Credits: Stylist: Katy England, Hairstylist: Nicolas Jurnjack, Makeup: Topolino

Nicolas Jurnjack Educational site hair tutorials

PROFESSIONAL HAIRDRESSER: Internationally renowned session stylist, Nicolas Jurnjack, has launched his new educational website, providing a library of tools and resources for both hairdresser and client. The website includes online tutorials, tips and techniques for stylists looking to further their knowledge, as well as ‘Project Hair’, a section dedicated to hairstyles inspirations.

hush-magazine-nicolas-jurnjack-texture-hair. Nicolas Jurnjack in the press. hair texture and hairstyle

HUSH MAGAZINE CHICAGO: He Loves Texture! Meet Fashion Icon Nicolas Jurnjack. “Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez are a few of the celebrities/models who have been lucky enough to wear his [Nicolas Jurnjack's] designs, although he is not a fashion designer. He is a fashion icon from behind the scenes of the exclusive fashion elite”

Next Management News Blog Vogue Italia maja Salamon model David Dunan photographer Nicolas Jurnjack hair

NEXT NEWS:  Photographed by David Dunan, the editorial shines light on Maja Salamon and some excellent hair styling by Nicolas Jurnjack that ought to dizzy partisans and critics alike.

nicolas-jurnjack-interview-nova-bethan-cole Nicolas Jurnjack in the press 60s 70s retro hairstyles with a modern twist

NOVA: Nicolas Jurnjack’s 60s & 70s retro hairstyles with a modern look and feel. “Hairstylist Nicolas Jurnjack took elements from the 60s and 70s retro hairstyles and gave them a modern look and feel. And as shine is always a fashionable option, Nicolas Jurnjack offers this [hair] tip: ” spray shine fluid onto your hands and lightly smooth onto the ends of the hair.” by Bethan Cole“

nicolas-jurnjack-interview-session-styling-vogue-beauty nicolas jurnjack in the press session styling

Jurnjack á la mode!  by Kiesten McCauley. “When he wasn’t working and learning in the salon Nicolas dedicated himself to the task of learning the technique of styling and cutting. He began cutting out pictures from magazines, old and new, and pasting them into a book. “I bought all the plastic training heads … I would say to myself, ‘Okay, tonight you’re going to do three looks, tomorrow you’ll do these three’, and I practiced like that for eight months every day, every night…really for real!””

nicolas-jurnjack-cut-and-go-coiffure-de-paris-modern trendy chic hair cuts and hairstyles

COIFFURE DE PARIS: Cut & Go: Nicolas Jurnjack, coiffeur de mode. Nicolas Jurnjack, coiffeur de mode, a joué le jeu de l’avant-après pour “Coiffure de Paris”. Mais, attention, il ne s’agit pas ici de relooker, mais de révéler des identités. Audrey, Nathalie, Thais, Fallone, Sarah et Pauline, 6 jeunes filles naturellement belles, que Nicolas Jurnjack a su rendre sublimement modernes


FASHIONCOW: Hairstylist, Nicolas Jurnjack, shows us how to get “great body,” in this erotically charged editorial that will have you rethinking the boundaries of modern beauty.

Nicolas Jurnjack hairstylist invitation coiffure de Paris making of a sculptural hairstyle Nicolas Jurnjack in the press step-by-step how to create a sculptural hairstyle

Nicolas Jurnjack Invité Spécial par Bénédicte de Valicourt. “Il a voulu grandiose á l’image de l’architecture toute en courbes du Brasilia d’Oscar Niemeyer dans laquelle il a puisé son inspiration. Deux jours de training… L’occasion pour Nicolas Jurnjack de dévoiler quelques tours de main et de nous parler de lui. Entretien.”
“Nicolas decided to create a grandiose hairstyle inspired by the the curves and sweeps of Oscar Niemeyer’s architecture in Brasilia. Two days of behind the scenes and how-to … and Nicolas Jurnjack reveals his tips and tricks and how to create the style”

Zap-Nonstop-The-impassioned-Creativity-of-Nicolas-Jurnjack-nicolasjurnjack in the press fashion shows kenzo givenchy, mcqueen, laroche

L’Oreal Coiffure, Paris.  Zap Nonstop! The Impassioned Creativity of Nicolas Jurnjack. What goes into a runway Hairstyle. Pret-a-Porter and Haute Couture Hairstyles. Nicolas Jurnjack behind the Scenes Illustrations and Looks for runway shows in Paris. Neo Charlie’s Angels Hairstyles @Givenchy, Global Pompoms Hairstyles @Kenzo, Aerodynamic Chic á la St Moritz Hairstyles @GuyLaroche, Blonde Panelling Hairstyles @AlexanderMcQueen “One Hairstylist for Givenchy, Laroche, Tayama and Kenzo. Designer’s agree ‘Nicolas Jurnjack is the man. Get Him.’” Nicolas Jurnjack L’Oreal Coiffure’s European Runway Advisor – tips and tricks for color and cut.”

Nicolas-Jurnjack-at-Givenchy-by-Alexander-McQueen-Haute-Couture-1997-s-s nicolas jurnjack in the press

Backstage at Givenchy by Alexander McQueen with Nicolas Jurnjack. “Mythology as hair inspiration for Paris runway show. We take a look at hair stylist Nicolas Jurnjack’s illustrations and preparations backstage for the Givenchy show and we go live!”.

Nicolas-Jurnjack-hairstlist-goes-global-cultural-cocktail-nicolasjurnjack in the press hairstyles cultural cocktails mixing it up

SALON NEWS: The new cultural cocktail and Jurnjack is into it big time. “Editorial hairstylist Nicolas Jurnjack is at a cocktail party he wants you to see what he sees: Hispanic girls wearing stick-straight hair like Chinese girls, Swedish girls sporting Afros, African girls with blond bobs. It’s the new cultural cocktail and Jurnjack is into it big time.”

60s 70s retro hairstyles with a modern edge Nicolas Jurnjack curl up for Australia Style

AUSTRALIAN STYLE:  Nicolas Jurnjack on “Hair from the 60s is big once again”. “Hair from the ’60s is big once again : “Jurnjack who has styled major advertising campaigns … pointed out that this [60s hairstyles] was the first fashion movement that spread worldwide played out on the big screen in the golden era of Hollywood.

nicolas-jurnjack-interview-fine-hair-tips Nicolas Jurnjack in the press

ALLEGRA GERMANY: Operation Fine Hair with Nicolas Jurnjack. Operation Dünnes Haar by Tania Miglietti “Diagnosis: Fine Hair. Der Haar Professor Nicolas Jurnjack shows Allegra how to make fine hair look full, healthy, and beautiful with the right cut and shape.”

nicolas-jurnjack-interview-flash-styling-nicolasjurnjack in the press creative hairstyles

SALON NEWS : Nicolas Jurnjack Clip Art Hairstyles. Editorial stylist Nicolas Jurnjack fulfills his long-standing dream of turning hair clippings from the salon floor into art with the looks on these pages.

nicolas-jurnjack-interview-daslu-beauty-hair-tips Nicolas Jurnjack in the press

Daslu Beauty: Nicolas Jurnjack Tips on Style. DASLU BEAUTY BRAZIL
“Gisele Bündchen and Carmen Kass are just two of the top models to have their hair styled by Nicolas Junjack. We take advantage of his stay to glean some precious tips on styles for the 2000′s …” by Carla Leirner

VOTRE-BEAUTE-Nicolas-Jurnjack-le-style-et-leffet Nicolas Jurnjack in the press

Votre beauté: Nicolas Jurnjack le style et l’effet… par Nathalie Charon
“Nicolas Jurnjack dans les coulisses des défilés. Nicolas “invente” des coiffures extrêmes et travaille les cheveux en artiste. Un étonnant savoir-faire.”

nicolas jurnjack interview vogue australia nicolas jurnjack in the press

Vogue Australia Fashion: Nicolas Jurnjack. This visionary french hairstylist has coiffed the best of them, now he reveals what turns his head. Tip: Always pay attention to your hair and its texture it never lies. Always follow your hairs natural direction.

L'Oreal Elan magazine Nicolas Jurnjack L’Oreal Coiffure’s European Runway Advisor – tips and tricks for color and cut.”

L’Oreal Élan Magazine: Couture Coiffure’s How To – Nicolas Jurnjack tips and tricks for color and cut. Neo Charlie’s Angels Hairstyles @ Givenchy, Global Pompoms Hairstyles @ Kenzo, Aerodynamic Chic á la St Moritz Hairstyles @ GuyLaroche, Blonde Panelling Hairstyles @ Alexander McQueen

Nicolas Jurnjack Hairstylist Artist Coiffure nicolas jurnjack in the press haute couture fashion shows alexander mcqueen for givenchy

High Fashion: L’Artiste Coiffure Nicolas Jurnjack by Ikuko Fujii. “The weeks before the week of fashion. What goes into a hair design for fashion week? From concept, to creation, to the runway: We follow Nicolas Jurnjack at work in his Paris Atelier, to live backstage putting the finishing touches to his hair designs for the runway shows. by Ikuko Fujii”

Hair Art Nicolas Jurnjack Elle France Behind the Scenes for Carrousel de Louvre Festival of Fashion

Elle Magazine October 1994 : “Nicolas Jurnjack: Le Coiffeur qui n’en fait qu’à sa tête” Behind the Scenes at Jeanloup Sieff studio in Paris, prepping for an exhibition to be presented at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, 1994.
Photographer: Sylvie Lancrenon, Writer: Birgitt Horlin

Fashion Week Fall 2001 Nicolas Jurnjack & Richard Tyler. after the party hair, tousled, mussed, 4am hair

Hairstylist Nicolas Jurnjack worked closely with Richard Tyler to conceptualize the 4am tousled hair, sexy. clubby, after-club hair that this Designer wanted for his Fall 2001 collection. It’s wavy, dewy, mussed, topsy-turvy, teased, textured, exaggerated, unfinished and uncontrived.

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