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NUMÉRO w/ Briley Jones, Carly Moore, Emmy Rappe, Taja Feistner -

NUMÉRO w/ Briley Jones, Carly Moore, Emmy Rappe, Taja Feistner

It’s a perfect July day in Brooklyn, we’re shooting this Numéro story on location under the gorgeous sun. The editorial is angled towards rock n roll, heavy metal, metal fan style. Think musicians like ZZ Top & Gun and Roses.


The casting was perfect, the four models were super cool and styled impressively to the sublime by Bill Mullen. Greg Kadel our photographer was very much in the idea of keeping the girls real, staying in the teenager metal fan club, with a style that said tribe, clan, clique of fans. Mariel Barrera, Miss Makeup! worked her magic with perfect subtlety.

fashion editorial-behind-the-scenes-nicolas-jurnjack-hair

making of teased hair for fashion shoot

All the girls had long straight hair with no layers and in different colors: medium brown, blond and copper top.  I was going for a hair-after-concert look, somewhat disheveled.

fashion editorial on location in brooklyn rock n roll, heavy metal, chic

To get the rock n roll, metal look I wanted I needed to shorten the long hair a touch without cutting it.  I decided to create a texture of thick hair and tease for extra lift and shape. My final tool was the gusting wind.  To maintain the look for the shoot I needed to create a style that would keep its shape but allow for these gusts of wind to deliver their magic in movement.

Numero magazine fashion making of punk-rock-metal-editorial-behind-the-scenes-nicolas-jurnjack-hair

heavy metal rock n roll behind the scenes shoot for fashion


→ September 2015 – Numéro Dark-Side fashion editorial

To create this look and to maintain it I used a volume/hold mousse and a hairspray with a firm hold.

Hair tools hair products how to get this look what you need for this hairstyle

  • Wet the hair thoroughly

  • Pass the teeth of a wide toothed comb through the hair to release all knots or tangles

  • Distribute a large nugget of mousse to the roots and through the mid-length, I used a Eugène Perma mousse for volume and long lasting hold

  • Dry the texture upside down

  • Tease the hair using a styling comb

  • Spray the hair lightly with a firm hold hairspray and then leave the hair for a few minutes so it can relax and find its natural flow

  • Brush the entire texture using a paddle brush and shape it for the final look

Numero behind the scenes with Nicolas Jurnjack

Credits: Models: Briley Jones @ Next Paris, Carly Moore @ The Society, Emmy Rappe @ IMG Paris, Taja Feistner @ Women Management Paris, Photographer: Greg Kadel, Stylist: Bill Mullen, Hair Stylist: Nicolas Jurnjack, Makeup Artist: Mariel Barrera, Manicure: Alicia Torello, Set Designer: Lou Asaro, Producer: Ernesto Qualizza
Photo Assistants: Sam Crawford, Jordan Strong, Andrea Bednarek  |  Digital Tech: Ryan Due @ Capture This  |  Stylist Assistants:  Raquel Medina-Cleghorn, Lotte Agullo-Collins, Gabrielle Badawy.  Film DP: Luke Lanter @ Capture This,  Assistant Camera: Sam Reiss @ Capture This

Rock n roll, heavy metal, chic

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