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SAY LOU LOU for Elle Australia Miranda & Elektra Kilbey -

SAY LOU LOU for Elle Australia Miranda & Elektra Kilbey

A fantastic day at a beautiful 17th century apartment in the center of Paris. The models for the shoot are ‘Say Lou Lou‘, a twin sister musical duo, Elektra and Miranda, incredible musicians and super cool people!

say lou lou behind the scenes for elle australia 2016

The shoot was during fashion week and the story was themed on the new Chanel collection. The idea was cool-chic with a touch of attitude.  My first thought on meeting the twins was 80s hairstyles a transformation the twins were also really into.

Making of a fashion shoot

Say Lou Lou Behind the Scenes Fashion Shoot



But after a minute thinking about the location, type of light and vibe of where we were at as a team I decided a casual, relaxed, more subtle and softer look would allow their magic to do the singing as it were much better than the  boldness of an 80s style.

Well, the day just got better and better with the amazing twins, Miranda and Elektra who were fun, fresh and super cool throughout the day. say-loulou-nicols-jurnjack-hair-4a

To get this look:

Hair Tools Hair Styling tools

  • Dampen the hair using a water spray

  • Add some leave-in conditioner

  • Blow-dry the hair thoroughly

  • Use a medium curling iron for soft curls

  • Add a touch of serum for shine and a silky finish

Models: Miranda Kilbey, Elektra Kilbey, Photo: Darren McDonald, Hair Stylist: Nicolas Jurnjack, Makeup Artist: Victoria Baron, Hair Assistants: Celine de Cruz and Miss Kennedy

Say Lou Lou behind the Scenes  Elle Fashion Magazine

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