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VOGUE CHINA 服饰与美容 w/ Xiao Wen Ju -

VOGUE CHINA 服饰与美容 w/ Xiao Wen Ju

A very quiet Sunday in New York with very cool fashion editor Bobette Cohn and a great photographer Greg Kadel.  For this story for China Vogue I had the pleasure to style model Xiao Wen Ju’s hair.


We were in a beautiful studio in NYC near to the famous New Yorker building. Greg wanted a seventies touch for the story, volume and hair texture. So we discussed some hairstyles that Richard Avedon had shot where the volume is more on the side than the top, which was a significant look of the seventies. But to bring it current we had the idea of it not being too “done” more jet set celebrity who has just brushed her hair at home after a cocktail party to loosen it for comfort. Xiao wen Ju has great hair quality and the perfect length and texture for the look.

I used a Babyliss medium sized curling iron to curl Xiao Wen Ju’s hair , after letting it cool down I brushed the whole length to open the texture and flattened the top toward the back with a bit of hairspray.  To finish I added a touch of L’Oreal professional serum only 2 to 3 drops maximum to bring some softness to the style.

It was a perfect day much like all days when shooting with Greg Kadel and his team who are always relaxed and chill.

xiao wen ju hairtsyles form the 70's volume texture and shine nicolas jurnjackVogue China Young Romance w/ Xiao Wen Ju March 2013

Greg Kadel (Photographer); Bobette Cohn (Fashion Editor); Nicolas Jurnjack (Hair Stylist); Mariel Barrera (Makeup Artist)

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