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VOGUE DEUTSCH w/ Delfine Bafort -

VOGUE DEUTSCH w/ Delfine Bafort

Location: Brooklyn.  A very srong feeling of being in London in the 80s. Rockabilly, punk and teddy boy hairstyles for this German Vogue editorial with Katie Mossmann, a great fashion editor.

References were Debbie Harry, Siouxie and the Banshees, the Stray Cats, all amazing rockabiliy bands, 80′s / 90′s icons. Well the message and the intention was clear, and it was a super welcome for me,  with such creative team  I knew it would a fun 2 days.


There were  3 male models Jules HamiltonPaul BocheSasha Lysenko needing a rockabilly hair style,  I created them in the same way it was done in the 50′s.  I used a wide toothed comb and oil (not wax) from Kos. The models already had fantastic haircuts so it was a dream to concentrate on creating  some great shapes with it.

Delfine had many changes of character, so I created a good solid base for a variety of styles: punk glam , rock ‘n’ roll .

I used the Foam (mousse) from Perma it’s a good medium hold product to produce full volume and different shapes. I used the medium hold finish hairspray . It worked fantastically.  I created 12 looks over 2 days without having to rinse the hair or deal with a solid mass of hair from using a  strong hairspray,  the added bonus –  it was kind to Delfine’s hair.

VOGUE DEUTSCH ”Elvis Lebt” by Miguel Reveriego

Models:  Delfine Bafort,  Jules HamiltonPaul BocheSasha Lysenko  | Katie Mossman - Fashion Editor/Stylist |  Nicolas Jurnjack - Hair Stylist  |  Dele Olo - Makeup Artist  |  Michelle Lee for KCD - Casting Director  |  Lisa Logan - Manicurist

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