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VOGUE ITALIA w/ Sabina Lobova & Larissa Thome - Elvis Inspired -

VOGUE ITALIA w/ Sabina Lobova & Larissa Thome – Elvis Inspired

On location in the country outside Paris on a beautiful sunny day for this Vogue Italia story. The watch word is Elvis Presley inspired hairstyles with an individual, unique flair, remembering the time and attitude of rock n roll.

behind the scenes in a beautiful house outside Paris for Vogue Italia fashion shoot

The idea is a laid back, independent girl influenced by the King’s style but interpreted in her own way just hanging out in her beautiful house. The look was free style rock and roll with lightness and freshness.

Elvis hairstyle behind the scenes with Nicolas Jurnjack Hairstylist for Vogue Italia with makeup artist karin westerlund and models Sabina Lobova and Larissa Thome

I decided to create some stylish sideburns and keep the sides of the hair sleek but muss up the hair at the crown of the head to almost a messy, grunge style.  I didn’t want the obvious comb marks that are often seen in Elvis hairstyles, called rock’n roll banana hairstyle’s in french.

behind the scenes for Vogue Italia shoot with David Dunan photographer

The styling was exceptional, very rich in information, codes and accessories – impressive. To complement and balance the silhouette I  created a looser more imperfect look. We decided better to forget the greasy aspect of the Elvis style and go for a fresher, less heavily coiffured style.

behind the scenes for vogue italia fashion editorial with models Sabina Lobova and larissa theme

behind the scenes with Nicolas Jurnjack Hairstylist for Vogue Italia with team and models

Our model had very long, dry hair and I needed to go in the complete opposite style direction for a sleek head with no extra volume. I cut Sabina’s hair first and created layers to get a light texture so I could finesse the look.

Behind the scenes the making of a fashion shoot for Vogue Italia with model Sabina Lobova

To create the look I worked with a leave-in conditioner using just a paddle brush to smooth and control the texture, my fingers to finesse and some Bobby pins and a strong hold hairspray to hold the shape.

nicolas jurnjack Behind the scenes on Vogue Italia fashion shoot

The making of a Vogue Itlaia fashion shoot behind the scenes models Sabina Lobova


Tools & Products I used to create this look:

hair products and tools used in fashion shoot for vogue itlaia


  • CutI cut Sabina’s hair and layered it then added a fair amount of non-greasy Goldwell leave-in conditioner  to nourish the hair and tame the volume.

  • Brush – I brushed the hair to get rid of tangles and knots for a smooth base to start from.

  • Bobby Pins – I pinned the hair in different places as a starting point to create the shape I was looking for and then picked out pieces of hair to break the consistency of smoothness and finesse the shape for a perfectly-imperfect tousled look with some flyways and straggling locks.

  • Spray – I sprayed the shape using a Goldwell hairspray to keep it in place, making sure some flyaway hairs and mussing was visible and some tresses were hanging down over the forehead.

→ Vogue Italia ‘Close Up’   click here to see the published story


Vogue Italia Close-up Video

vogue italia behind the scenes with Sabrina Lovaba and Larissa Thome Paris Countryside

Rock n roll hairstyles Elvis Inspired

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