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VOGUE ITALIA w/ Elisa Sednaoui Luxurious Cascading Locks -

VOGUE ITALIA  w/ Elisa Sednaoui Luxurious Cascading Locks

This Vogue Italia Suggestions editorial that mixed it up with the universe of professional dancers and the fashion industry was a unique and fascinating experience for me –  the atmosphere was charged.

Vogue Italia Nicolas Jurnjack Hairstylist hair styles luxurious glossy waves hair

Working with a great team – from Giulio Martinelli,  Stephane Sednaoui, Alice Ghendrih, Elisa Sednaoui to all the other talents on-set …  & this amazing group of fantastic dancers  -  I had the feeling I had been teleported to a broadway rehearsal in NYC. The whole day at Studio Rouchon in Paris was electric.

Vogue Italia Danncers and Elisa Sednaoui  glossy waves, glam hair

Vogue Italia Suggestions with Elisa sednaoui

The idea for the look was to travel back in time to the mid seventies with Elisa as the “étoile”,  ”star”,  ”diva”  surrounded by adoring fans performing a stunningly beautiful ballet.  For this mid-seventies style Giulio, Stephane and I decided that Elisa’s hair should be a perfect cascade of luxurious, glossy waves.

To create the style:

Vogue Italia Suggestions with Elisa Sednaoui  Nicolas Jurnjack styles hair glossy waves


Vogue Italia Suggestions 2014

Model: Elisa Sednaoui;    Photographer: Stephane Sednaoui;    Stylist: Giulio Martinelli;   Hair Stylist: Nicolas Jurnjack;   Hair Assistants: Olivier Henry; Celine de Cruz;  Make-Up: Alice Ghendrih;  Make-Up Assistants: Aya Fujita & Akari Sugino;     Manicure: Sophie A;    Choreography: Patrice Touron;    Casting: Emma Skowronek,  Casting Assistant:  Bill Fabre;    Producer: Tobias Brahmst & Quentin Chamard-Bois;  Producer Assistant: Flavio Montrone


Dancers: Nans Pierson,  Richard Vasquez,  Chole Francois,  Yiane Duparc,  Kun Xu,  Miguel de Souza,  Zhiyu Zhang,  Mélanie Gracia,  Somalia Barro,  Silvia Saint-Martin,   Julie Douine,   Meg Bonnin.


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