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VOGUE TURKEY w/ Magdalena Jasek -

VOGUE TURKEY w/ Magdalena Jasek

We are on location in London both outside and in studio for Vogue Turkey and it is pouring with rain. But, I am very happy for the cool, drenched air after weeks of suffocating heat in Paris and New York.

Fashion shoot in the rain for Vogue Turkey Hairstylist nicolas jurnjack

All cream and caramel, the clothes are informal, fresh and relaxed, the styling by fashion director Konca Aykan is beautiful, refreshing.

The casting is terrific. Magdalena Jasek our model is a great fit with her beautiful freckles and copper hair. For the hairstyle we decided that a minimal, natural look would be perfect, a very unusual choice for a fashion story of this calibre.

Vogue Turkey Fashion editorial Nicolas Jurnjack behind the scenes with Magdalena Jasek

Getting this perfect looking super natural looking style is quite a feat especially with the combination of the weather and natural hair texture.  I proposed a feeling of wetness but only at the tips as if she had just been suddenly caught in the rain but only the flying tips of her hair had been drenched as she ran inside.

Vogue turkey behind the scenes fashion shoot in London in the pouring rain


behind the scenes with Magdalena Jasek on location in the pouring rain

The feeling I wanted was lightness with a delicate energy and charm. A whole head of wet hair did not have the look or subtly of emotion that I was going for, so despite the rain Magdalena’s hair was always protected against it.

Vogue turkey behind the scenes with Magdalena Jasek on location in the pouring rain frekles and copper colored hair

To create the final look I arranged a few pieces around her face and pinned the rest loosely in the back of her head. Gemma-Smith Edhouse our super cool and very lovely makeup artist used her makeup magic for the beautiful, drama and coloring of Magdalena’s complexion.

behind the scenes with Magdalena Jasek makeup artist

Magdalena Jasek for vogue turkey Nicolas jurnjack behind the scenes

Tools & products I used to create this look:


  • Brush: I brushed the hair with my mini paddle brush to prepare a tangle-free and knot free base.

  • Braid: I made large braids and tied them up to rest in place during the makeup and travel time to the location, which was about 50 minutes. The preparation and rest time was what I had calculated was needed to result in a texture of soft, disordered waves.

  • Style: At the moment Michelangelo di Battista our photographer called the first shot I opened the braids and asked the model to shake her head so the waves created by the braiding would be loosened to cascade down naturally around her shoulders. I then finessed it quickly by mussing up the hair in places and placing strands here and there for a disheveled and tousled look.

  • Wet: To get the wet feeling I used an intensive serum treatment from Pantene Expert Collection on the lower mid-length to the tips. It’s always great for the model when styling can incorporate a luxury spa-like treatment for her hair, even when not necessary. Magdalena has great hair quality.

  • Mist:  From time to time throughout the shoot I used Keragloss Oil Mist from Pantene, spraying it from a good thirty inches away. I did this to subtly marry the wet tips to the rest of the texture so it gave the appearance of only the tips of the hair having been completely drenched in the rain.

Credits – Model: Magdalena Jasek @ Oui Management,  Fashion Director – Konca Aykan,  Photographer – Michelangelo Di Battista,  Hair Stylist – Nicolas Jurnjack,  Makeup Artist – Gemma-Smith Edhouse,  Manicurist – Tinu Bello,  Fashion Assistants – Neslihan Denizer & Lune Kuipers,   Producer – Carly Day,   Production – Rosco Production.

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